Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Call Women What You Like Pretty Woman Or Ugly Woman, They Are The Same

Famous model, Alek Wek is all dark and lovely and all black and beautiful.

Call Women What You Like Pretty Woman Or Ugly Woman, They Are The Same
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Call women what You like "pretty woman" or "ugly woman", but they are the same in-between their thighs.

99% of vaginas look alike like a billion faces in China.

What makes the difference is what is in their heart of hearts and in their pants.
How clean they are in their souls and in-between their legs go a long way to make them beautiful or ugly as you call them.

My beloved mother of blessed memory said that what makes a woman beautiful is her beautiful character and not her face or body.

SO STOP ALL THE CHILDISH and FOOLISH exchanges of calling the beautiful Creatures of God UGLY.


I have discovered the most beautiful models in Nigeria and one of them was called UGLY, because she was very dark, but I went ahead to make her a model and she became hot on the runway for MODELA Couture and ended up as a model on a GLO Billboard and richer too.

I have dated both black and white women, including a German blonde beauty and a platinum blonde from America, so I can tell the difference from my long years of experience.

Most of the black guys calling black girls ugly would be called monkeys by many whites in Europe and America.
So grow up dog.

Have a lovely day.

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