Friday, January 01, 2010

True Love Makes Sacrifices and Not Excuses

Happy New Year 2010!

Please, hold me and never let me go in 2010.

True Love Makes Sacrifices and Not Excuses

It easy for so many people to confess or profess their love online and offline and claiming to love a man or woman as if that person means the whole world to them. But we have seen countless cases of lovers who swore to love each other forever, but sooner or later breaking up over childish and foolish problems and in most cases over material demands.

Women expect their men to make sacrifices to please them and displease themselves and the men expect their women to serve them heart and soul. The sacrifices should be for mutual benefit and not for selfish interests.

We have heard complaints and pleas by many jilted lovers who have been cheated and dumped. And many of them are still heart broken and afraid to commit themselves in new relationships, because they are still licking the wounds of the bruises they suffered from terrible relationships of the past and the scars are still on them.

There are hard questions you must ask in relationships to detect fake lovers before they harm you and leave you scarred for life.

How much time have you given to your partner you claim to love?

Have you ever even saved to buy a shirt or even a tie for that your boyfriend who spends on you and calls you often?

When do you call him?

Is it when you need something from him?

Are your phone calls and visits more frequent when you need money or other material things from him and after he has given them to you, you no longer call or visit him as you were doing when you needed his money or gifts?
Do you care about his academic or professional pursuits?
Do you care about his family?
How do you relate with his family.
Can you make a list of the sacrifices you have made for his welfare?
Are you proud of him and can defend him in his absence?
Are you faithful to him heart and soul?

How often do you call your so called sweetheart?
Do you want her to excel academically and professionally or you would prefer to see her not as educated as you are or not good enough to be in your professional peer group?
Are you insecure, because she is academically and professionally ahead of you?
Do you make sacrifices for her career?
Do you care for the welfare of her family or you are afraid to visit them?
Do you prefer to chat with her outside instead of going to sit with her in the company of her family regardless of their living conditions?
Or do you love her, but you sneer at her family?
Are you really faithful to her?
Or do you see her as one of your social class trophies?
Can you remain faithful to her no matter the temptations from other female attractions?
Are you proud of her behind her back?

There are other questions to ask and probe how truly we can prove our love and not lip service or eye service of lust.

True Love is not a game of wits and egos or grudges.
True Love is not a game of trying to outsmart your so called lover.

True Love makes sacrifices and not excuses.

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